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The vision of Cohesion Promotion Action Programme is a better integrated Lithuanian society which can enjoy equal living environment and quality independently from living place. The Objectives of the programme are the following:

1. Constitute conditions for strengthening and opening the potential of local development;

2. Assure availability and high quality of basic public services provided by medical care, education, and employment support policy institutions, non stationary social services and help for disabled people;

3. Seek for better environment quality, with special focus on effectiveness of energy use.

In order to implement Strategic Action and Measures Plan of Lithuanian forests for 2007 – 2010, in year 2007 there was a feasibility study „Establishing the framework of overall automatic forest fire watch system in Lithuania“ developed. Technical commision evaluated the study and acknowledged that it is reasonable to install detectors of overground automatic forest fire watch systems on GSM towers which are much higher, have electricity supply and security systems. In this case forest state enterprises could also save money for renovation of firewatch towers. In 2010 there were automatic early warning systems for forest fire prevention “FireWatch” installed in 6 forest state enterprises. There are plans to implement the system in all 24 forest enteprises having forests with high fire risk.



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